​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​*Natal Reading ($200) 

This Reading starts where you did. Your day of birth! Specifically, your exact time of birth ( unknown time of birth...No problem ). At this moment, all the planets aligned in a unique way. Never to align the same way again. Ever! You are gifted with all the planetary energies of this magical day. In this Reading... Your truest self receives validation. This Reading is as unique as your fingerprints. What gets revealed includes... Your life purpose or life path. Your dreams. Ideals. Identity. Career. Fortune. Emotions. Love life. Your energy (physical), motivation. Spirituality. Thought process. How others see you. How you approach all relationships. What you value. Your power of regeneration and transformation. Sensitive challenges you started out with in life. Plus so much more! This is the map to your life. Your owner's manual! Take true ownership of yourself with this Reading. Magical! An experience you will NEVER forget~

​       ​                                              

*Transits Reading($200) 

Guaranteed you're experiencing unfamiliar territory every moment of your life. As fore mentioned, the planets never all align the same way twice. Ever! This Reading simply validates where all the planetary energy is influencing you now. Through our life path, we have work to do. To bring forth our highest and best self! The planetary placements validate this work. Especially the area's of our lives that need attention. Ever feel that life is against you? Well...It's not! Your just feeling the work the planets have for you. There is no coincidence in life. This Reading will enlighten you how to gain greater fulfillment in your life by consciously & physically aligning yourself with your fate. Planning for a special date (wedding day, business opening, etc). This Reading reveals your "Go Times!" Get a "Heads Up" to what is right around the corner in your life. Lessen surprises. Timing is everything~ 


​​*Fusion Reading ($300)  

A Fusion Reading is a combination of a Natal Reading and a Transits Reading.


*Synastry Reading($300)  

Synastry is a term for "the Art of a Relationship."  

This Reading will enlighten you to how you interact with anyone you choose

( this Reading focuses on 2 people ). 

We are all compatible as human beings, however, some relationships require more work than others. Be enlightened to what brings you together. Discover what challenge's are to be expected together. Validate strengths. Values. Discover where you mutually influence each other in the relationship. Validate all prospects for success

(Business, Marriage, Personal, etc...)!

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​*All Readings offered Worldwide via phone, video conference, or in person(when available)-