Soul Surgeon

ISBN-10: 1364778858

ISBN-13:  978-1364778859

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Ever since I can remember, I have always encouraged people to move to the beat of their drum. For when one enjoys what they are doing, they radiate joy and purpose into the world! It pains me to see folks working hard at their misery. I understand deeply that we are each here to share with life... Each Soul has a responsibility to understand and apply their gifts to life. Most folks just do not get this simple truth. 

Through decades of working with the world, I have found that most folks have some kind of definition of what Astrology is. This being said, I conclude that most folks do not have a real clue as to what Astrology is, and certainly any value that may be associated with it. I will simply say that Astrology is a tool of consciousness. I could give you all kinds of bullet points here, however,  I would rather show you. For all intensive purposes you may refer to me as an Astrologer, however,  I really am a Soul Surgeon who uses Astrology as a tool.  

Each one of us arrives to a nest of sorts in this world.  A simple truth from this nest is that one is not able to be shown to their truest self, with guides that are lost themselves! This is where I come in. I get you- Deeply! Just by knowing your birthday!  You see, we all arrive perfectly programmed or downloaded with everything we need to live a successful life. Kind of like a smartphone or computer right out of the box. We each have a unique operating system in place from the start. We are shown many things in life, however, most are not shown how to be the perfect version of their own creation. We need conscious guidance to flower where our soul belongs. This guidance ceases to exist for most people. Most of us are conditioned away from our truest self-

Ask yourself an honest question...Do you Love your life? Does it fit you? Your life should be tailored from your heart. You should see your heart all around your life~ If not...It's time for Soul Surgery! A non invasive procedure to return you to your true self. There is no time to spare if you are not happy with the life your with. The time is now to do something about it. Meet me half way. That is all I ask. I will provide you with all the light and validation you need, to get back in sync to being whole, perfect, and complete. Check out the Readings page to see which surgery is right for you~